The WorkBench Cup

A startup competition for student founders,
hosted by WorkBench at the University of Southern California.

1. Collaborate

A five part series, our founders spend their first four meetings workshopping their pitches as a cohort. At WorkBench, we emphasize practicing in a collaborative environment. We find that often the best advice comes from fellow founders.

2. Consult

The WorkBench Leadership Family, along with our angel and VC partners, will host office hours for founders to refine their pitches throughout the entire program.

3. Compete

Our fifth and final meeting will be judged by a panel of experts and attended by industry professionals, where we will award our first place WorkBench Cup Prize.

Spring '21 Cohort

Our Team

Andrew Brilliant


Major : B.A. Thesis Candidate - Diabetes Research
Minor : Cinematic Arts
Hometown : Chicago, IL

"Startups expedite innovation and impact in a way no other form will allow."

Meet Andrew

Eden Burkow

Director of Marketing

Major : B.A. Communications
Minor : Business Law & Consumer Behavior
Hometown : Los Angeles, CA

"I love stories, storytelling, and storycrafting. Every startup has a story, and I am passionate about helping founders find their own."

Meet Eden

Alec Jenab

Director of Operations

Major : B.S. Computer Science
Minor : Business Finance
Hometown : Los Altos, CA

"Startups are a true test of vision, execution, and culture. Founders who learn to align all three have the power to rewrite norms."

Meet Alec

Greg Truong

Director of Finance

Major : B.S. Business Administration
Minor : East Asian Language & Culture
Hometown : Charlotte, NC

"Startups provide an unbelievably exciting platform to work with the brightest and bravest individuals the world has to offer. There is truly limitless opportunity - you never know if you’re working with the next Elon Musk of our generation, and it may just be yourself."

Meet Greg

Yashvi Jaju

Director of Tech

Major : B.S. Computer Science Business Administration
Minor : Entrepreneurship
Hometown : Mumbai, India

"Startups are proof that some ideas are too important to leave untried."

Meet Yashvi

Freddy Rio

Director of Product

Major : B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering
Emphasis in Information Systems
Hometown : Ridgefield, CT

"Startups are a reflection of passion and the grit to share that passion with the world."

Meet Freddy

Our Sponsors

Our generous sponsors have granted more than $50k in SaaS and consulting credits toward our prize package.
Our sponsors include :

Our Judges

We have a judge panel of VCs, angels, and entrepreneurs who will determine our final prize winner.

Todd Herschberg

Quantimark Marketing

Meet Todd
Steven Fryer

SC Capital Partners

Meet Steven
Vivian Cheng

Javelin Venture Partners

Meet Vivian
Brandon Maier

LvlUp VC

Meet Brandon
Lucas Pols

Spark XYZ, Tech Coast Angels

Meet Lucas
Nelson Mills

Global Founders Capital, Athena Fellows

Meet Nelson
Hillary Bush

The Dorm Room Fund

Meet Hillary
Avi Chesed

Meet Avi
Brian Nichols

Hustle Fund

Meet Brian
Jesse Cole

The Seed Lab

Meet Jesse
George Hornig

The Seed Lab

Meet George

Universities Represented

Our Spring '21 Cohort includes startups across 7 university campuses.
These universities include :

Past Cohort

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